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Our Staff

Name: Laura Broughton
Level: Style Director / Owner

I was privileged to do my training with Toni & Guy Milton Keynes back in 2002 and graduated from the T&G London Academy in February 2004. In addition to being one of the salon’s highest sales takers, I also worked my way up the promotion ladder attaining the top senior level of ‘Style Director’ within the company. During my time with Toni & Guy, I was also privileged to work in both the Sheffield and Lincoln salons, further adding to my experience and knowledge. Toni & Guy’s continual training coupled with my own flare and motivation has been a huge benefit to my specialised skill as a stylist with over 10 years experience. I am now ‘living the dream’ and in November 2013 I became the proud owner and manager of London Road Hair & Beauty, and I fully intend to create a vibrant, sleek and fantastic salon, offering top quality styling, products, service and opportunities for customers and staff alike.

Perfect Day: Sunshine, laughing and cuddles with my little girl.
Favourite Food: Something fresh: tasty and healthy. Ooh... and maybe with a bit of spice too!
Pet Hate: Rushing and being stressed. Being a Libra, balance and serenity are very important to me. Yes, I live a horoscope.

Name: Lucianne Hall
Level: Principal Stylist/Assistant Manager

I began my career in the hairdressing world in 2010 and have worked hard at Milton Keynes College to attain both my level 2 and 3 NVQ grades in hairdressing. I’m an experienced and enthusiastic stylist and colour technician and enjoy both skills equally. I’m a very approachable, happy and confident person and one of the best parts of my role is when a client leaves the salon feeling happy with their hair and the service they’ve received.

Perfect Day: Being with family and friends; or shopping would have to be up there, as I'm always keeping up with fashion!
Favourite Food: Italian and anything Spicy

Name: Tanya Markham
Level: Style and Technical Director

I started my career and trained with Toni & Guy Milton Keynes, qualifying as a Colour Technician specialising in L'Oreal products. Working my way up to a senior level at T&G, I established a solid clientele, many of whom have stayed with me throughout my career. After 7-years with Toni & Guy, I decided a new challenge was required and moved over to a modern salon in Buckingham, where I gained my stylist experience. With an extensive skillset including: Toni & Guy National Colour Diploma, L'Oreal advanced colour keys, Vidal Sassoon certified cutting and styling, and 12-years experience, I made a courageous decision to set up on my own and ran a successful mobile business for a few enjoyable years. Now, having started my own family, I feel ready for the salon life again and am excited about the new challenges ahead with Capeilli Hair & Beauty Salon.

Pet Hates: Being unorganised and clutter.
Favourite Food: Italian or anything with mushrooms!

Name: Nisha Odedra
Level: Beauty Therapist

Nisha is an experienced Beauty Therapist with many years of experience in the industry. She has worked with and taught for many big brands including: Nouveau Lashes, LVL and HD Brows. Nisha is able to offer a variety of different beauty treatments within the London Road Hair & Beauty Salon.

Likes: Spending the day at the beach with my kiddies and maybe a cheeky cocktail or two!
Claims to fame: I once met Mohamed Ali at an airport! I was young so didn't actually know who he was until my mum ran up to him screaming, pushed his bodyguard out the way and hugged him! Being a normal teenager at the time, I was more embarrassed that start struck.

Name: Lucinda Chalk
Level: Principal Stylist

I have been in the hairdressing profession for 11 years. She trained at Barnfield College Luton completing her Level 3 and hair fashion competitions and catwalks, and spent the majority of her salon years working for the Zigzag chain, working her way up to Deputy Manager/Key Holder.

Over the course of the years, she have completed my Colour Masters in Goldwell and Schwartzkopf. As part of the London Road team She will will provide up-to-date styles, colour correction and colour technique, advanced cutting, Brazilian blow dry, prom-party and Bridal hair. "I am very precise and passionate about hair; it is something we all wear every day, and to me hair is everything."

Perfect Day: Spending the day with my gorgeous son and having lots of laughs and cuddles.
Favourite Food: Thai or chinese.

Name: Kirsty Miller
Level: Stylist

I started my hair dressing career in 2012 and qualified in 2014. I am a competent hairdresser abd truly enjoy all aspects of hair particularly cutting and colour. You can never stop learning in hairdressing and I am excited to continue my development at London Road Hair and Beauty. Using top products like L'Oreal and Label M gives me an opportunity to train at top level and provide the best results for my clients.

It's amazing how much of a difference we can make our clients look and feel by giving them a new style and colour.

"If your hair looks good it makes you feel good"

Perfect Day: Beach holidays, going out to good restaurants and spending time with my family and friends.
Favourite Food: Indian, Mexican and Nandos - I like a little spice in my life!

Name: Demi Godfrey
Level: Apprentice

I started at the Salon in 2017 and working towards being qualified in 2019. I love to be creative and try out different styles on models. I am looking forward to working my way up in the Salon industry. I love my team.

Favourite Food: My mums homemade pasta
Perfect Day: Out and about with friends

Name: Dolly Sembi
Level: Hair Extension Technician/Trainee Stylist

My hair training started as a child because I loved to get my hands on anyone and everyone's hair. Unfortunately, it was a career I was not permitted to persue back then due to my cultural background so I trained in fashion design and worked in International Development. I never ever lost the excitement that I had for hair. I finally trained a few years ago gaining my level 2 qualification, I also trained in 5 different methods of hair extensions and my passion for hair has continued to majorly increase.

I am a creative and love people so could not ask for a better fitting job!!! I am looking forward to working and developing my career at London Road Hair and Beauty as a stylist and hair extension technician.

Perfect Day: To hand out with my favourite friends, family, gorgeous son and my Chihuahua's Minnie dog and Sonny boo particularly in hot weather around a BBQ.
Favourite Food: Thai, Caribbean, Indian, Japanese... Let's just say ALL FOOD as lond as I am not cooking!!